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Management Software for Fleet Operator and Travel Agents


Centralized Reservation System

Passenger Management Our software dashboard allows - “two-click” ticket booking, passenger reservation charts, ticket searches, route availability & occupancy checks, Inbox, passenger search, ticket search widget – print, confirm, postpone & cancel, summary reports etc.

Ticketing Payment Gateway

Secure & Easy Payment Our travel management software eliminates the needs for additional point-of-sale POS application – saving fleet companies thousands of dollars in POS software licenses fees. We provide fleet operators with a user-friendly, fully integrated flexible payment system to handles all payment methods.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Branded Gift Cards We know that every company is different and that is why our Travel Rewards is designed to brand your business and keep customers excited, engaged and coming back to you. We provided a fully branded reloadable rewards gift card with your company in mind.

Hosting and Support System

Customer Service - We provide you everything in one place hosting and support. Our top-notch customer service makes us one of a kind in the industry.

Centralized Reservation System

Passenger Management – our software dashboard allows - two click ticket booking, passenger reservation charts, ticket searches, route availability & occupancy checks, Inbox, passenger search, ticket search widget – print, confirm, postpone & cancel, summary reports etc. With e-Ticketing & Instant Confirmation - provide for online e-ticket booking with ticket confirmation by email, Critical instant alerts to passengers by email. Manage day-to-day operations easily manage coaches, routes, schedules, branches, agents, drivers & other staff, Tie-up Buses, connecting buses, multi-city boarding. Highly Flexible Coach Layout - dynamic variable pricing of tariffs, meetings, and conversations with your contacts. Cancellation policies, Special discount coupons & offers. Extensive Reports Occupancy - loss occupancy, P&L, service accounts, trip sheets, and office accounts, e-ticketing, cancellation revenues, detailed reports by branch, user, service, export to CSV.


Nexgen Fleet is revolutionary travel management software designed for Fleet Operators and Travel Agents. Nexgen Fleet is web-based; it can virtually manage any Bus, Taxi, Limousine and Motor Coach fleet.

Bus Operators want better management software and Nexgen Fleet has the next generation platform. It’s Customizable, Scalable, Reliable and Secure.

Nexgen Fleet operators management solution provides; Centralized Reservation System, Ticket Payment Gateway, Loyalty Rewards Program and Support. It connects all branches, agents, passengers and all online portals with flexible coach layouts, dynamic variable tariffs, easy scheduling and lot more. This highly customizable and extensible solution comes with an innovative operator management software solution that ensures your team growth and the success of your business. Fully managed and hosted, completely backed up, highly customizable, scalable, reliable secure and ready to use solution.

Nexgen Fleet is web-based, means you don’t have to install or download any software. Simply go online and logon to the internet. It’s better, safer and smarter than traditional software. No installation required, works with any standard internet browsers. Your access is fully protected with secure logins and your data is fully secure with timely backups.

  • Centralized Reservation System - An end-2-end fully automated, fully managed solution for easy operations of your business.
  • Ticketing Payment Gateway - A comprehensive merchant processing system with capabilities to handle all your payment needs.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program - fully branded reloadable rewards card that offer customer loyalty and easy payment solutions to your passengers.
  • Support & Hosting - 24x7 support to ensure success to your business and 100% Data Security & Confidentiality.
  • We work with you and your team in ensuring success we Streamline with better processes and more control.
  • Substantial Increase in new direct customers
  • Increase in Occupancy by 20 to 35% in the first three to four months
  • Your brand Identity online / Internet
  • Increased Revenues / additional services
  • Good ROI – Return on Investment
  • We listen to your requests and respond & implement
  • Smoothed out Operations
  • Complete transparency on the functioning of your business