Tokova Global Enterprise (TGE), headquarter in St. Thomas, USVI, is a multinational holding corporation that oversees and manages a number of subsidiary companies to include Tokova Shark, Global Premier, Tokova Connect, Tokova Mastercard and NexGen; whose collective principle is to facilitate the global exchange of commerce and communication. The name "Tokova" is actually a permutation of the phrase 'take over', a bold statement summarizing our intent towards the telecom and financial industries. To that end, TGE conceptualize designs, manufactures and distributes communication and financial solutions that enhance the way consumes shop, talk and send money worldwide.

Chairman and President, Alvin Merrifield, is also the pioneer credited for inventing the actual devices, designing the innovative financial system and establishing the mass manufacturing process. Tokova CEO is responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of industry operations in the US, China and the Caribbean, to include VoIP Network, Prepaid Debit Cards, Financial Kiosks, Social Media Platforms, Ecommerce Websites, Payment Processing Centers, and Fleet Management Operations. Our focus is centered on our primary core competency, the development of the grated business solutions and value delivery for small and midsize business worldwide.

All of the TGE products are marketed under the brand.


To provide a best-in-class international Talk Ní Money system that makes shopping, talking and sending money anywhere around the world quick and affordable. Our commitment is to provide excellent customer service and the highest level of integrity. We seek to promote a culture of collaboration which will stimulate an environment that supports personal growth, individual contribution and teamwork.


Tokova Global Enterprise is a vibrant, multi-cultural company aspiring to localize global Talk Ní Money connections for citizens around the world! We are a company in perpetual transition, building on the strength of our historic past while developing into a multi-dimensional company with a firm emphasis on integrity, innovation and people.