345 TALK

345 Talk utilizes VoIP technology to keep family, friends and colleagues in constant communication. 345 Talk's voice, video and SMS applications make it simple to stay in touch with the people that matter most. By capitalizing on the most current technologies, 345 Talk creates new possibilities for inexpensive options for international/domestic texting, voice and video call.345 Talk is consistently evolving in the areas of reasonable communication. You can use 345 Talk any way you like - as your home or business phone service provider, conducting video group conference or just talking face-to-face with that special someone all from your landline, mobile or computer. Customers can also use 345 Talk Pin Less service to make cheap international. Regardless of how you like to stay in touch 345 Talk makes it possible.


iYap® understands that customer loyalty is not a given – it must to be earned – and there is no better way to achieve this than through key influencers…the customer. iYap® members discover new products or services and if they love it and promote it to their sphere of influence, they receive reward points for their engagement activity. Reward points are redeemed on the members’ Tokova MasterCard® or consumers can donate their reward points (which convert into cash) to a charity of choice through the platform. It’s just that simple and everybody wins!


Tokova Shark - represents an exclusive and innovative line of smart technology that incorporates Tokova's advanced talk and money exchange features on Smartphone and tablets. Users can shop, talk and send money worldwide for free directly from their unlocked multi carrier global handled devices without any add-ons. Tokova Shark products are not mass-produce and are designed, manufactured and offered to premium customers only.