Welcome to the next generation in mobile banking, The Teller That Never Sleeps, Tokova Money Hub!


Tokova Money Hubs are convenient alternatives to banks, check cash stores and ATMís. Built with enhance biometric security functions the Tokova Money Hub is simply the best way to transact. Consumers choose from over 7 different money services, and in most case costing only $1 per transaction. There are no monthly fees and transactions can be made 24/7 at a variety of locations such as your neighborhood grocers, supermarkets, gas stations, Laundry-marts and entertainment venues.


Consumers can instantly open virtual bank accounts and get a Tokova pre-paid debit MasterCard issued directly from the Tokova Money Hub. One can also deposit and reload cash on their new Tokova debit card, pay bills, withdraw and transfer money as well as top-up (add minutes to) their mobile phones and cash their checks at any Money Hub location. The Money Hub is a mobile teller design for all your money transaction needs.

Money Hub service offerings include:

  • Instant Tokova Prepaid MasterCard Issuer - get a card
  • Prepaid Card Reload - load your card
  • Bill Payment - 24/7 Bill Pay - pay your cell, electric, other bills
  • Check Cash
  • ATM - get cash
  • Money Transfer - send and receive money
  • Calling Card Top-Up - buy minutes


Tokova Money Hub is coming to a location near you.